How To Play Don’t Panic By Coldplay (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-111)

How To Play Don’t Panic By Coldplay (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-111)

How To Play Don’t Panic By Coldplay (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-111)
Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Don’t Panic-Coldplay
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’ll learn how to play Don’t Panic by Coldplay, a fun arrangement where we can mix up the electric lead parts into the acoustic strumming.

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This song is from The Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook which contains 50 songs for progressing guitar players into playing acoustic guitar. More info:

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29 responses to “How To Play Don’t Panic By Coldplay (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-111)”

  1. Kyle Griffin says:

    Coldplay – See you soon pleaseeeeeee!!!

  2. Pieter Snelle says:

    can someone please write the seconds and the strums/hammers down? I can’t understand that part

  3. Arpit Vasava says:

    amazing…!! 😀

  4. Potancyem? says:

    Thak u so much!!! My english is bad, but i all understood <3

  5. John Early says:

    How is he making that muted click in between strums? I don’t see any finger movement, yet all the strings make the muted click… thanks!

  6. Bralexon 33 says:

    What tuning is this?

  7. Theveryoneguy says:

    you know what would be cool is if he had the chords finger position on screen

  8. craig johnstone says:

    I wish I could play as well. Love your lessons and think your fantastic. Please keep it up for all us finger strumming wanna be buskers. Cheers from Craig with sore fingers. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  9. RamsesKZ says:


  10. George Larmon says:

    you have the best tutorials on youtube.. because they always sound perfect and more are challenging than the basic chords… love it.. thanks

  11. Omar N. says:

    Subscribed!Very good

  12. Daniel Burke says:

    good one mate. ill work away at that one. cheers

  13. Владимир Холонин says:

    Man, your great! Thanks for this song! Kiev, Ukraine!

  14. Lucius Titius says:

    This brings your songbook to life. Fantastic lesson. I am really no big fan of Coldplay. But this one i like a lot. And i must say great choice of songs in your Acoustic Songbook in general. Best spent money ever. I am real big fan of your work. Thank you.

  15. Mo SM says:

    great teacher, at 5:50 it looks like he’s glitching in real life

  16. caplippi says:

    awesome, is there an electric lesson also?

  17. Peter H says:

    Best guitar teacher found on the net. Keep up the good work, Justin.

  18. agreen182 says:

    Been trying to figure out the chorus forever, thanks for showing how it’s done! Awesome!

  19. powderkings says:

    Thanks Justin!

  20. Dr.DeStructo says:

    You`re explaining and showing this all too well. Had to try a few times for the hammer on/not hammer on part but that was just for getting into it. Verse and chorus was a thing of a few seconds. I like the way you get into detail and that you stick to the actual song but also offer variations. And I absolutely love your enthusiam while showing me how to get it right. I like learning from you. Very good tutorial,great teacher!

  21. hi I guess says:

    -when you think you can sing-

  22. &Not2Yield says:

    Your tutorials are always amazing and you always come across as the nicest person on the planet

  23. Patrick LastName says:

    Excellent, thank you

  24. herozero96 says:

    Please make tutorial for coldplay’s see you soon. You are the only one makes correct lesson for coldplay’s songs, thank you very much

  25. Thaarmin Thanarajan says:

    Wonderful tutorial!! Still can’t get the strumming for fmaj7

  26. tf1n says:

    Thanks a lot man. Great teacher. Great jam.

  27. Stanford Johnson says:


  28. ILiveToMosh says:


  29. Max Oguy says:

    Hey, how about a song named “shiver” also from coldplay?

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