01 Guitar Lesson On How To Hold The Guitar

01 Guitar Lesson On How To Hold The Guitar

01 Guitar Lesson On How To Hold The Guitar
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Learn how to hold the guitar in this guitar lesson.
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21 responses to “01 Guitar Lesson On How To Hold The Guitar”

  1. Sadiq Dastagir says:

    More fart less shit.

  2. sleverino says:

    Reach around

  3. Elizabeth Jenner says:

    You have very defined cheek bones

  4. DeJMan says:

    *Here’s an easy INTERACTIVE way to tune guitars :P*
    *This* : Acoustic Guitar Tuner ( Interactive! )

  5. Learning Guitar says:

    such an important starting point for every beginner who can just rush in and develop many bad habits and have to correct them later

  6. João Vargas says:

    At 0:32 , when it shows that stratocaster guitar, what is that long metal stick with a piece of white plastic on the right side of the guitar? I got rocksmith 2014 for Christmas and that exact same guitar, but the game doesn’t say what that piece is for and i just cant figure it out.

  7. MARKOLIVE says:

    Cool guy but your talking to much…..This is my first time learning how to play a guitar. I just want to know WHAT i need to do, not lil mistakes of what other people do…Just stick to your notes…other than that, cool tutorial.

  8. Ugochukwu Gideon says:

    Very helpful NATE. Thanks

  9. Cool Kate says:

    My Guitar came with a strap

  10. petmom ful says:

    My guitar teacher is telling me that I need to hold my acoustic with the fattest part between my legs.  That pushes the guitar farther to the left than I am used to and it does not feel right to me.  He says it stabilizes the right hand so you know where you are on the strings.  But I see no one online doing that.

  11. MrTerminalX says:

    I’m left handed and my hands are only 6.5 inches long. T_T

  12. Jerry Gonzalo says:


  13. Yuvvraj Gurung says:

    Thanx man . I think I’ll learn guitar soon .

  14. Sean Rance says:

    Video starts at 1:27

  15. entropy says:

    how do I stop the guitar from either sliding off or stabbing my leg when I do this

  16. Johnny says:

    Skip to 1:30 until this guy stops wasting your time.

  17. dont trip says:

    This guy is pretty savage

  18. kamal kumar Pugalia says:

    hey my chords doesnt sound properly and my finger tips are also paining

  19. Naru Pickles says:

    What a waste of time

  20. J. Antonio Salgado says:

    I hate this

  21. Buse fidan says:

    Hi I don’t want to sound stupid but on a regular classic guitar which hand do you use to like do chords cos in some vids it says thickest one is the first string and the other says thinnest is the first cant read tabs cos of it I feel dumb

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