Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – First Lesson: Absolute Basics

Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – First Lesson: Absolute Basics

Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – First Lesson: Absolute Basics
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This lesson is an introduction to bass guitar for complete beginners and deals with the absolute basics of holding the bass, tuning the bass and playing notes on the fretboard.

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25 responses to “Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – First Lesson: Absolute Basics”

  1. Paul Seagraves says:

    E A D G best way to remember is Eat At Dons Grille EADG

  2. Motown Stickman says:

    If the neck of you’re bass cracks, don’t fret.

  3. Dungeon's demise says:

    i REAALLY WANT A BASS… my inspiration was marceline from adventure time:3

  4. Exploding Popadoms says:

    Just moved from guitar to bass and just realised the strings vibrate a lot more. So off putting because I just stare at the strings vibrating instead of playing

  5. мигода says:

    A Squier? I have the same, black & white

  6. M3gat7on says:

    I’m thinking about getting a bass guitar. I already have a classical guitar

  7. WNxNevro says:

    Finger plucking the open G-string

  8. all ears99 says:

    bass is the body of any song…most dont realize it

  9. PÁÝÁH ĆHÁŃ says:

    you are teaching less and barking too much!

  10. Anthony Neal says:

    Can you learn to play the bass guitar at any age

  11. Routhier-Pichette Malik says:

    i’m watching your video

  12. Routhier-Pichette Malik says:


  13. Vanessa Silk says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I’m a beginner and I’ve already learned a lot from your videos

  14. sherap tamang says:

    im a guitar player but i like this shit, im going into it

  15. Papa Tee Patrick says:

    this was a good video

  16. KINE Rush says:


  17. K Z says:

    Why are all the guitar videos from the British??

  18. all ears99 says:

    as much as i appreciate it, i think its wrong, theres people who make money teaching bass..its very selfish of these guys to release this vid…i gave it a thmbs down

  19. DawnOslo says:

    I don’t know where the other videos are in the series? Can someone link them I’m genuinely confused

  20. Sir Kimappleton says:

    Thanks dude! This will definitely help me with playing the bass! 😆

  21. Oskar Klein says:

    Thank you this helping learn my bass skills

  22. Celestina Vicente says:

    (COUGH) (COUGH) BORING!!!!!!!

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