Neil Young – Old Man Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar – Tutorial

Neil Young – Old Man Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar – Tutorial

Neil Young – Old Man Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar – Tutorial
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33 responses to “Neil Young – Old Man Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar – Tutorial”

  1. Ammar Yasir Sattar says:

    Could you please teach how to play Carolina by Lukas Nelson?

  2. matthew sanford says:

    thank you

  3. Nicola Williams says:

    Thanks Marty!

  4. MERI HOHUA says:

    too much ow Marty dogg.

  5. Adaa _ says:

    Can beginners also do this? Thanks for your lessons by the way, you’re a great teacher!

  6. Joshua Nishimura says:

    Hey man… just want to tell you I love your tutorials… you break it down so it’s real easy and keep it fun… you’re my “go-to” when I want to learn a song… thanks bro

  7. David Oscar Flores says:

    The guitar (Martin D-45) he’s playing cost $1200 back in 1968.   In today dollars that would be $8,505.83!      To buy that same guitar, the 1968 model would cost you over $59,999.

  8. roidballglenn says:

    Got the chords down but teally struggling with the strumming. Has anyone else got this problem, he says down down down up down up down. It didn’t feel the same though

  9. Roykie Boykie says:

    Way to go Marty

  10. jesse gesten says:

    Thanks Marty, I liked this one a lot

  11. Tyler Freestone says:

    Thank you for your fantastic teaching style. Your an asset to YouTube

  12. JIm Allen says:

    Nice lesson…thanks!

  13. Steven K says:

    Well Done Thanks….

  14. Gary Ratoff says:

    Marty Boychic !!! UROK … but when do we get to hear you sing 🎤 too ? 🤗

  15. waymond masterson says:

    Great job man your great ive been trying to get the hang of it i think its gonna take alot of time never played before but trying and your a great teacher

  16. Chris Rose says:

    Brilliant lesson, Marty, thank uou !

  17. monjy999 says:

    what model taylor are you playing?

  18. jayy emzee says:

    how about” love makes you feel “from the first lou reed solo album..its not 3 chord lou ..i guess the guitarist from Yes studioed

  19. Danny Veras says:

    Hey man thanks for helping me out with this! Good job !

  20. David Parish says:

    I’m in brother!! Great stuff!!

  21. Rich Bonifazio says:

    Marty, thanks so much for making these lessons , not only fun, but concise and easy to follow. Your a great teacher!

  22. Domi ! says:

    love ya dude…. great taste..  nice easy style…   my fav tutor!

  23. gary kirby says:

    You have a great channel. I have learned to play the guitar with your instruction. Very impressive. I would like to make a request. Down the line by gerry Rafferty. The guitar solo. You know, the beginning. I would love to learn that! thx man.

  24. S B says:

    Thanks Marty!
    You are a fantastic teacher, really appreciate you making this fantastic content!

  25. anselmo arellano says:

    Great song, awesome lesson. So much fun to play. Been following you for years Marty. Because of you I can play alot of tunes. I practice everyday and everyday I get a little better. I owe it all to you. You’re the man!!!!!

  26. Brian Davis Sr. says:

    Well taught sir .I’ve been playing for some years ,off n on, more off than on .any way ya made it fun and easy thanks Marty😀

  27. Don Elliott says:

    Thanks man – great tutorial!

  28. mahkaila lusch says:

    Ive been teaching myself guitar from your channel and it’s been so easy learning from you! I was wondering if you would consider doing a lesson on any of the following songs! Rolling Stones- dead flowers, sweet virginia / Led Zeppelin- hey hey what can I do (haven’t been able to find one on this song anywhere) Thanks man!

  29. Kenny Wilson says:

    Hello Marty think your great but could you slow it down just a bit for me

  30. Roman Burtyk says:

    Marty, you’re me hero!

  31. Blind Stein says:

    Marty, you are a bright spot on the world. Thank You

  32. andrew spyrou says:

    Thanks man.

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