San Francisco – Scott McKenzie – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie – Acoustic Guitar Lesson
An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Scott McKenzie song – San Francisco. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can also find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: 🙂

35 responses to “San Francisco – Scott McKenzie – Acoustic Guitar Lesson”

  1. alex c says:

    Best tutorial I’ve ever seen, exactly what I wanted, no talking explaining I r any bs just you playing it, tabs and strumming pattern, easy to match up and play along with to get better, thank you!

  2. Cek3 says:

    It`s goooooood

  3. Александр Шутило says:

    Excellent. Thank you

  4. Gergő Tálas says:

    perfect. thank you so much 🙂

  5. Anatole Chabaud says:

    Chapeau Bas, Monsieur.
    Parce que ce n’est pas facile de chanter dans cette tonalité ( il faut monter haut ).
    Congratulations, chords are a piece of cake, but it’s not easy to sing;

  6. PRETEPHU Siny says:


  7. Lizzy Pérez says:

    Excellent , beautiful song.
    you sing very well

  8. Dong-hyeon Lee says:

    Wow. You’re perfect! It’s really helpful. Thanks 🙂

  9. 안철현 says:

    연주 잘 봤습니다.

  10. Александррр Григорьев says:

    my favorite song, thank you!

  11. gitaar songs van Hans says:

    great cover alan keep on the good work
    greetz from the Netherlands

  12. Вера Антонова says:

    Great! You have a lovely voice and You play the guitar brilliantly! “Bravo!” from Siberia!

  13. Victor H says:

    C’est génial!
    Pourriez vous nous donner la leçon de
    “A man of constant sorrow” svp?

  14. Lupe Gabaldon says:


    😥😥you are my everything in guitar the s5alistics


    grasias por compartir tan linda cansion y sus acordes .thanks for so nice song and the accord

  16. Neil Baculad says:

    yesss.. I got this video. thank you so much

  17. joseph dato says:

    tres pedago la methode mais il ft changer de guitare takamine = casserole

  18. Tony Ferrer says:

    Thanks Alan, now I can play this song correctely


    im learning a lot from you liricks and cords very good grasias alan rrobinson

  20. Jan-Luca Zappen says:

    i saw it just the first time, and i directly uderstood what to do.
    Go on with that lessons. 🙂

  21. Nancy Tirado says:

    cantas muy bien!!!! Te ganaste una suscriptora desde México!!!

  22. Colin Barker says:

    Hi Alan, big Cliff Richard fan just had a look at your Young ones video. great job you did too. do you by any chance do Living Doll only just learning & would like to play it. Thank you.

  23. Yasmine Genoud says:

    Hey ! I’m learning this !
    Thank you for this lesson from Switzerland 🙂


    Congratulations from PERU

  25. He-Man says:

    Nice tutorial. Thanks.Something which would improve it a lot was if the graphic showing the strumming pattern had room for 8 arrows so all four beats plus 1/8 beats could be show. It’s easy to loose track of which beat you’re at when the number of beats shown changes now and then.

  26. Juan Lovatto says:

    aprendo mucho d tus tutoriales. muchas gracias y exitos. saludos desde cordoba argentina

  27. урод красивый says:

    ты прекрасно поешь

  28. John Borror says:

    I heard this song as we were waiting to go to Vietnam  never will forget it love it to much always will. BLACKHORSE VIETNAM CAMBODIA.

  29. Manuel Hernandez Cano says:

    Buen maestro, gracias, recuerdos de mi adolescencia prepararatoriana, colegio francés Hidalgo. LIC. Manuel Hernández Cano.

  30. ZadZadrack says:

    Great cover.

  31. 성악풍경화 says:


  32. ireh yomi2018 says:

    please Skay larck Wild flower chords guitar good play .

  33. dadang supra says:


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