Acoustic Guitar Lesson: A Major Groove

Acoustic Guitar Lesson: A Major Groove

Acoustic Guitar Lesson: A Major Groove
For tabs: This video lesson covers the chords and strum patterns for A Major Groove.

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9 responses to “Acoustic Guitar Lesson: A Major Groove”

  1. 80552E1 says:

    In my op the lack of a slow metronome from the beginnig damages the lesson and when it comes at the end it’s too…fast.
    There is a small pattern mistake between 2.37 and 2.57 though he corrects later.
    BTW good job…better if he could use a drum o a steady slow tempo from the beginning next lessons….in my opinion.

  2. Stewart Vascucci says:


  3. Bill5298 says:

    Wish I had an 8k dollar Martin D-45 :/

  4. SkelpYourHead says:

    those chords are used in crazy train

  5. Lewis C says:

    keep these tutorials up, pretty much the best tutorials i could ever look for

  6. pzhikcloethaeges likhrethyioprioj says:

    this is the first comment in 1 year

  7. Parafloia says:

    first comment in 1 year

  8. Rohan Dawson says:

    Sorry that Peter Vogl doesn’t seem to be around on Youtube these days. Hope he is still teaching some lucky students though.

  9. Rohan Dawson says:

    Regarding metronomes people who have difficulty keeping rythm can find them very useful.

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