Acoustic Guitar Lessons ‘More E Blues’ Tab Included

Acoustic Guitar Lessons ‘More  E Blues’ Tab Included

Acoustic Guitar Lessons ‘More E Blues’ Tab Included
E blues. If you would like to make a donation, pdf tabs are available.

22 responses to “Acoustic Guitar Lessons ‘More E Blues’ Tab Included”

  1. Steve Jeter says:

    33 people have shit for brains,

  2. Taz M says:

    Watching and learning this from ‘Middle Earth” New Zealand, thank you.

  3. Paul Nowicki says:

    very nice, thanks for the blues lesson

  4. Jasper Rasper says:

    Great lick …cracking vid

  5. θοδωρης μετζελος says:

    …you gave us the chance to play the blues just by using a clever lick and an enriched typical 12 bar shuffle and made them sound so cool…if this is not a sincere effort then what is? thank you brother !!

  6. bobarazzi says:

    I think I’ve had your lesson book for four years or so and I never looked at this jam. Very nice riff. Thanks. Oh, has your lesson book for guitar been added to much in the last four years? Should I buy a new copy?

  7. Krzysztof Gemborowski says:

    music from the heart…thank you!

  8. Mark Lewis says:

    I like you

  9. Clair Moss says:

    Thank’s for them great lick’s .

  10. Nick Worley says:

    thanks sawlon great lick and lesson

  11. Reece Townsend says:

    Great lesson from a good natured bloke 🙂

  12. heyjoe w says:


  13. Walter Murr says:

    Love the lick man, good honest stuff

  14. Alicia V says:

    Really enjoyed it! Not simple for us beginners, but very doable with practice, and fun. Thanks Sawlon.

  15. Tony Camargo says:

    Cool dude

  16. Krystyn Krystyn says:

    Thanks Sawlon, 😉

  17. robin k tinholt says:

    working yer magic, Dave!

  18. Paolo Natalini says:


  19. Randy Lane says:

    We as guitarist can all learn from each other I like your lessons.

  20. Agung Sembodo says:

    Wow. Amazing sir…

  21. kellyharrellsbanjo says:

    you know, i don’t think i’m a bad guitar player, but I just can’t get the timing on this. whenever i try to move from hitting that e note on the d string to the shuffle in e, i throw in an extra beat, no matter how hard i try. anyone else?

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