Changing Guitar Chords Smoothly – Beginner Guitar Lesson

Changing Guitar Chords Smoothly – Beginner Guitar Lesson

Changing Guitar Chords Smoothly – Beginner Guitar Lesson
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This beginner guitar lesson covers one of the biggest trouble spots for newer guitar players… how to change between chords smoothly. Many guitarists love learning new chords but struggle to switch between them with ease. In this lesson Nate Savage will show you how to overcome this problem and make your chord transitions as smooth as possible.

The things mentioned in this lesson should be applied to your daily guitar practice routine for the best results. Faithfully apply what you learn here and your chords transitions will get smoother and smoother.

To download the jam-track for this lesson your can go here:

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20 responses to “Changing Guitar Chords Smoothly – Beginner Guitar Lesson”

  1. Hjor Almuwail says:

    You’re the best I’m learning so fast because you’re giving the easiest steps thanks a lot

  2. ALPHA TEAM says:

    great…it leaves a lesson actually

  3. Country Girl says:

    Thank you Nate so such for all of these lessons they are really helping me a lot

  4. Gemma Dimangan says:

    I just bought guitar and I’m liking this lesson, it’s very basic which is what i need now

  5. Davwet Williams Nandom says:

    i have problem learning the notes and memorizing the chords

  6. violeto legaspi says:

    thanks nate

  7. Bimol Singh says:

    Nice sir!

  8. Oskar Xie says:

    thank you Nate, your are really helpful,
    hi from Denmark

  9. AbdulRahman Sukhon says:

    What was the strumming pattern you used when you speeded it up??

  10. Haassan1 says:

    Great tips, but the disturbing message is that it is a lot of work to perfect it.

  11. $$E$$ says:

    And why is he wearing monitors?

  12. z ⸒ says:

    you look like Black Francis from Pixies

  13. Akash Gurav says:

    Wow, u r just awesome mhaaaannn, what a beautiful tune u played at last, made my day….

    Hatts of Sir…..!! ☺️❤️👌

  14. Scientific Junction says:

    Hey,, which strumming pattern you used at 11:15 minute?

  15. Spongebob says:

    Goddammit. I knew you were going to use the G and C chords.

  16. Cade Sky says:

    G chord with your pinky? If I play it like that will it help transition to C smoother?

  17. Natalie Starr says:

    Thanks for this. It is so helpful. I am a 65 year old female and have been learning for 1.5 years and am finding it sooooo difficult but I really love and so I just plug on.

  18. Salma MDO says:

    wow his name is nate savage yep you heard it right savage.

  19. Les fletcher says:

    For the G chord, I cannot use my pinky finger as I broke it years back, I can play the cord with my ring finger, middle finger and index finger quite comfortably, is this ok to do?

  20. Vishu Arora says:

    c major kills me bcoz
    im not able to play that chord

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