Incredible Percussive Acoustic Guitar Technique!

Incredible Percussive Acoustic Guitar Technique!

Incredible Percussive Acoustic Guitar Technique!
My name is Paolo Sereno and this is Darbuka Guitar Style a born-in-studio-idea named “Falangi” my cd finally online here:
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34 responses to “Incredible Percussive Acoustic Guitar Technique!”

  1. samu b says:

    Great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Claudio Pari says:

    Veramente un fenomeno!!!!!!!complimenti grande groove!!!!!!!yeaaaaaaaaa. ciao Claudio

  3. jalapeno86 says:

    This is awesome! Anybody knows what the tuning is?

  4. jalapeno86 says:

    This is awesome! Anybody what tuning he uses?

  5. Chris Christman says:

    you come from planet Kripton….very impressive

  6. Erlin Aborn says:

    This is amazingly catchy and beautiful at the same time…I really dig the section at 1:04…so beautiful. Keep up the amazing playing, its people like you that help keep music alive^_^. Stay Frosty.

  7. Jéssica Silva says:

    Espectacular 🙂 Sem palavras 🙂

  8. elbratzo says:

    its definetely in the key of A

  9. kapooktu says:

    What kind of pick up do you use for percussion sound?
    I’m looking for a good pick up system that can catch all the percussion sound that I made. Thank you.

  10. Paolo Sereno says:

    @kapooktu Mag Mic Seymour and duncan on stage on my martin, here in studio I think there were 2 schoeps CMC

  11. Jorge Carriço Rentroia says:

    Bonito. Muito legal.

  12. No Longer in Use says:

    What’s unique about this style of guitar is that it’s also fun to watch so
    I guess it’s truely visual music haha
    love it.

  13. Ashley Seager says:

    awesome. really want to step up my acoustic work after watching this. so fun to watch

  14. Mikey Merritt says:

    I dont see you strumming the strings!

  15. anmeinersaite says:

    Cool! I like this kind of playin! Percussiv & Melody
    Absolutly great!
    Best wishes

  16. jafrocubic2 says:

    Vee takes da money, Lebovsky!

  17. Евгений Полуяхтов says:

    genius/ bravo, where i can find a transcription?

  18. Paolo Sereno says:

    @EugenePoluyachtov soon on sale on my site paolosereno(dot)com

  19. Rafael Albertoni says:

    SOO COOL!!!

  20. Annick Weiser T. says:

    Belle prestation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. tristenbrooke says:

    beautiful!!!! 🙂

  22. 417active says:

    That was AWESOME!

  23. TIMOTHYISLE says:

    Nice! Great video – Favd!

  24. Joe Lo Cascio says:

    Bravo… ..Great…!!!!

  25. Colin Stynes says:

    your best off with medium gauge strings and low action

  26. Kyle Horn says:

    I’ve had success with light and medium gauge strings. Though I definitely like how med. sound. You get a richer tone on the lower strings and better sustain. Though, the shape and size and wood of your guitars body will play an important role too.

  27. leedanielrice says:

    Pure Awesomeness : )

  28. carolus V says:

    Can you play JULY and upload it please…

  29. S. E. Loerlein says:

    Hell yeah! Love it 🙂

  30. Jonas Birk.Music says:

    I subbed man, so good!! Would you mind checking my channel out? Thanks!!

  31. Gionata Prinzo says:

    Fantastico!!! Beh… se ci fosse la tab…. io sono iscritto 🙂

  32. WaitingToFade says:

    Wow!! Amazing!!

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